Electronic Meditation on CKCU

I guess I need to put something here, so I’ll start by plugging my radio show.

I do this show at Ottawa community radio station CKCU, based out of Carleton University. CKCU has been around since 1976, and I first started volunteering with the station as a student. I came back to the station in 2012, as a frequent co-host of Mark Keill’s progressive rock show Infinite Ceiling.  After filling in on various programs I got my own show in 2014.

Electronic Meditation is named after the first Tangerine Dream album. I play a lot of styles on the show, including:

  • 1970s electronic music. Synthesizers by Moog, ARP, and others were just hitting the mass market, and while they were not easy to use, a lot of artists managed to make innovative and exciting music. A subset of this music from Germany is known as “Berlin School”, an improvisational form involving programming of sequencers and synthesizers and live modification of the waveform.
  • Kosmische Musik, sometimes called Krautrock, which is basically German psychedelic music with influences of electronic music and jazz. This music is now made by followers in many countries.
  • Psychedelic rock and progressive rock, sometimes better known and sometimes obscure.
  • Art rock/indie rock, just because.

I play music from around the world, with at least 35% from Canada. Outside of Canada I probably hit Germany, France, and the Nordic countries the most.

The show airs from midnight to 2 AM on Thursday in the Eastern time zone in North America; that’s sort of manageable on the West Coast (9-11 PM) or in Europe (6-8 AM). Usually the easiest way to listen to it is on demand. Every show has a playlist posted on the website, and every show for the last two years can be streamed. If you want to search for a particular artist to know when they got played, the website has that capability too.

I am always interested in new listeners, and listener feedback. If you listen I’d love to know what you think, and if there is something that would make you listen, or make you listen more often, I also want to hear from you!